How to embed Discourse in Discourse?

If I can embed Discourse on another site, surely it should be possible to embed a list of 5 topics in a topic from a specific group, category or unlisted in the same Discourse instance ? What is the best practice ?



I’d like to know how to do that too. Basically to have a topic which shows a selection of recent topics from another Discourse forum.

Following up on this, I’ve achieved it via using a Zapier integration and webhooks. Let me know if anyone wants more details.

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I am not sure I made it clear, that I wanted a solution where I could make a post wiki, and in that post show the 5 latest topics from another category in the same forum. And not from another Discourse-instance.

But I am interested in knowing what you did and achieved anyways. I would like more details.

Thank you.

Yeah, I missed that sorry.

What I’ve managed to do might also work for you, but it would be quite a pfaff. And I’m not sure what you mean by putting it into a wiki; this puts each new Topic as a post in a single topic:

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Do your mind, @JacobDK ?
topics of category discourse (1) will embed in a special category of Discourse (2)
Or in Discourse (2) will aupost topic with content have link to topis Discourse (1)

Excuse me nathankershaw , thank for sharing but i think, Zapier will post 2 topic same a content, instead we can create topic but link to topic before.
Can you build a plugin to do it?
I can donate for you!

Hello @neil, can you customize this plugin House Ads in the official Ad Plugin become embeb topic’s a category of other Discourse and display them in a special category Discourse as HOUSE ADS :slight_smile:

Is it possible?

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No that’s out of scope for house ads. It should be a separate plugin.