Add Preview Window Refresh Button

We all know, at least on Desktop, the trusty Preview Window to the right as we type.

You know it is trusty. I know it is trusty. But User C does not. Therefore to increase trust, the Preview Window should be fitted with a Refresh button. That way if the user is ever worried that what s/he sees might not be what s/he will get, they can click it.

Yes, the Preview Window is supposed to refresh automatically. So in theory there should be no need for a Refresh button.

However just like all browsers also have Refresh buttons, as things don’t always work out as planned, it’s better safe than sorry.

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Why don’t you use that one?

I would want to risk injuring the precious words that I am painstakingly typing in. I only want to refresh the right half of the screen.

OK, I tested it. And you are right. My half typed draft survives intact. OK. But in the general case most other web forms on the Internet will throw away what you typed, so the average user would be afraid to hit F5 etc.

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