Add report: Duplicate IP address

Is it possible for a report to be added under DASHBOARD > REPORTS, to list accounts that share the same IP address?

Or, if the processing is too heavy to do large forums, the report could potentially be capped eg: checks all new accounts from the last 3mths.

Discourse identifies such duplicates when looking up a specific user, but it would be useful to see this information across all users. Currently I have no tool to identify this, other than checking individual users one at a time.

I realise that a shared IP doesn’t always mean it’s the same person and that some IP addresses are shared by multiple users on a network, but it would still be very useful.



You can do a query with data explorer plugin to find users with same ip.

There may be an example in What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?.


Thanks Jay. We don’t have the data explorer plugin on our hosted instance.

Is there any chance of this being added to the standard Discourse Dashboard reports, without needing the data explorer plugin?

This feature would be useful for most discourse forum staff, as users with multiple accounts is a pretty common forum experience. For me, it would be more useful on a regular basis than most of the existing Dashboard reports.

Ask yourself, what is the maximum number of different IP addresses?

I think it would be relatively inexpensive to have count(ips) vs. count(distinct(ips)) to give a general idea of how many accounts have used IPs used by other accounts.

More expensive would be an “on demand” search for particular IPs

Depending on how many accounts / IPs a forum has, finding all non-distinct IPs could be extremely expensive. If my math is close, the formula for finding out how many checks would be needed would be something like
where n is the total number of IPs

* eg. for 100, that’s 4950, for 1000 that’s 499500. You get my point.