Add script before footer


I found a website that basically allows you to use website widgets.

I am still now playing and learning about coding and so on, so do not blameme.

I would love to be able to include a instagram carousel of the pictures of my account as I could do with wordpress. I received this code that should show the widget.

I tried to add it on the /body section of the personalization, but i can’t make it work.

Is there any idea about how to do it?


Please share this code so we are able to help you using it.

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sorry, when I copy it here it gets erased:

script src=“” defer> /script>
div class=“elfsight-app-77eb9f9f-f46b-4c77-a30c-39a9d72b446a”>/div>

Put it between backticks

    script here
<script src="" defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-77eb9f9f-f46b-4c77-a30c-39a9d72b446a"></div>

I can get it to work fine on

But it fails on Discourse Theme Creator

Do you have any settings to allow domains to use it in the Elfsight site?

No, there’s no way to add a domain. However, there’s a support line so I will ask over there too :slight_smile:

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You can inform the error code at Theme Creator is WIDGET_NOT_FOUND

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They told me to give them access to the forum to check.

In the meanwhile, maybe I was thinking about adding this code, which has no limitations and then try to set the same image size for all images.

How would i be able to install this? thanks a lot!

Hi @Falco any advice about the second script install? Thanks!

Any idea how to add this? anyone else, besides @falco? Thanks!

Am I asking for something out to the support areas? It would be a great addition to be able to show instagram pictures of my community in the forum, @Falco can you give me some advice?

Please stop tagging users repeatedly. If and when they have time to respond they will.

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Sorry, I did not know I was not allowed to tag users every some days. I did not know either that the support replies IF they want or which is the timeline. I don’t think this is the best way to reply to customers trying to use the software also.

Hey @ElForoViajero, sorry if I built wrong expectations for you.

If you are a customer of our hosting you can reach our customer support at

Here at #support we do offer support into configuring and using Discourse. Customization and basic use of HTML/CSS/JS is offered at a best effort from the community.

If you have a tight deadline (and a proportional budget) please post on the #marketplace where great people like @pfaffman and @joebuhlig can help you out.


Thanks for ur reply, don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying a lot using discourse and I’m speaking about it to all colleagues. This was of course not something I need with rush, but i thought it could be a nice addition. I just thought that the way of letting us know how support works was not the nicest, sorry for tagging to often. Thanks!

@ElForoViajero how did you get the elfsight script to work on your site?

This one:

add your code on the /head section of your theme :wink: