Add setting QuestionAnswer at the category level

Could I enable Q&A for a category? In detail, if I have enabled Q&A for a category, all the posts under this category would show this vote widget and no need (or forbid) to toggle it for each topic.


I’ve just had a quick check and it appears the Q&A toggle is currently at the post level, and not at the category level. This would mean that each topic would have to be flipped to a Q&A style one when it’s first created.

It’s an interesting point though. I can see a use for a setting or two at the category level.


This is certainly a great suggestion @techAPJ , we should add to the list, it lowers the barrier to entry here.

Note though, there are complexities we can easily skip for v0 (eg: created in category A and moved to Q&A category B) … I would say v0 is mix-and-match, it simply “auto toggles” if you make a new topic in the category, nothing more.


That will be a great starting point. Thank you for considering it.

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Please enable Q&A for a category, this will make it easy for people to use this feature.