Limit all topics in a category to be Post Voting

It would be great to limit the Topic types per category. Is there already a plugin or something?
I would like to create a Q&A Subcategory for Q&A only.


Being able to set all topics in a category as Q&A format is must for our use case, as the deprecated plugin was doing.

Looking forward to it, thanks for the work! :slight_smile:

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There is a category-level toggle you can apply on the category settings page to have new topics in Q&A/Upvote mode by default. :+1:



I am already using this functionality. But there is no option to enforce this, right?

only allowing creation of voting topics (no legacy topics) for a given category (ok) or globally (better)

This is the highest leverage feature of all the features I have recently suggested. It would obsolete all others for my use case, since I want exclusively voting topics on my site

User story

I am an admin and I want to enforce topic voting everywhere on my site so that I can reap the benefits - [improved post organization, neatness, and sorting, more data via votes, more compact UI]


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