Creating post-voting topics by default is no longer working

this is awesome! now discourse can really compete with stack overflow :muscle::muscle::muscle:

One thing - New topics are not votable by default, I still need to manually select that option. That’s unexpected given your default checkbox is selected for all categories. Is this a known bug


I’ve just given it a quick test, and you’re right. It seems we’ve lost the ability to set them as a default. Let’s split this off into a #bug topic and see if we can get that fixed up. :+1:


  • In Settings tab, enable New topics default to Post Voting topics in this category
  • Create a new topic in that category

  • Topic is in regular style and needs manually changing to post-voting style

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Is there an existing way to work around this bug by reminding users to create voting topics?

e.g. initiate an education popup every time a new topic is drafted that instructs them to select voting topic mode

EDIT: I ended up adding this text warning to admin/customize/site_texts/js.topic.create_long?locale=en

:warning: WARNING :warning: Select the appropriate category for your post > press the + button to the left of this message > select “toggle post voting”

You may not need that. Because the fix is on the way. Hope it will be merged soon.


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