Add setting to include/exclude OP when adding Expert highlighting

This is a great plugin, and something that has aided our community quite well! Something that isn’t quite right, in my opinion, is that if the original poster of a new topic of listed a user group under the category experts, then the topic gets the custom tag of “Expert response” when in reality it isn’t a response.

It would be much better if this plugin avoided the original poster of the topic when evaluating if there was actually an expert response to the topic.


Yeah I hear you. Although I think if we changed the behavior to what you want, someone will likely post the exact opposite thing about the first post not being evaluated.

We should have a new site setting for the plugin first post can be considered expert post or something similar. I can’t promise a timeframe for when this will be worked on, but we’ll talk about it!

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But really, yeah a configuration option to toggle that would be a great addition.