Add setting to replace "discourse" with name that matches slash command

I know this was raised before, but I can’t find the topic.

It’d be really nice if there were a way to replace the word “discourse” in the help text for the slash command, since we use /sitename as our slash command.

I can customize the entire help text, but then my documentation is “forked” and I might not know when it has to be updated.

The current help text looks like this:

New rule: /discourse [watch|follow|mute] [category] [tag:name]
(you must specify a rule type and at least one category or tag)

  • watch – notify this channel for new topics and new replies
  • follow – notify this channel for new topics
  • mute – block notifications to this channel

Remove rule: /discourse remove [rule number]
([rule number] can be found by running /discourse status)

List rules: /discourse status

[Experimental] Post transcript: /discourse post [n]
Create a draft topic on discourse containing the last n posts in this channel

Help: /discourse help


Agreed, a site setting would be nice here, rather than having to modify the whole language string.

For reference, previous discussion was here:


So far, I’ve found ‘Discourse’ in the following texts and customized them accordingly:

  • chat_integration.provider.slack.parse_error
  • chat_integration.provider.slack.transcript.post_to_discourse