Add Social Account on User Profile (Coming Soon)

Now I will listed social accounts on user prefs page and allow revocation. This is very good new for me.

I was sure one day there will be an update to add social account on user profile, I can not tell how happy I am now. Thanks discourse for this update.

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I think I agree.

What does “Allow revocation” mean? Does it mean unlink their social login?

And will the user be prompted to set up a local username/password and maintain their account if they unlink the social login?

I did a quick search and did not come up with an answer to the above …

It will be known after the update arrives.

:rofl: I’m fairly sure that’s not how coding works … type some stuff and see what comes out? :slight_smile: There must be a plan?

I believe this is more from a user point of view to see which social accounts they have logged in with not necessarily to have them shown on the profile for other users to see.

It will allow you to see which accounts you have logged in with and therefore remove the attachment to your discourse profile if required.

See the below topic:


I think all social links should be a feature of adding.