Show Social Login Profiles on User Card

Hey all, I’m still a bit new to Discourse and was wondering how I could show connected accounts on a user profile card. I’m wanting to show Steam profile and Discord usernames primarily. I was able to get it working with a custom user field, but I’d really prefer if it was something that was just automatic and verified that it was accurate information i.e. they have access to the account that they are claiming to be. I’m pretty tech-savvy, but I have limited knowledge about modifying Discourse (so far).

Edit: This is what I am going for: image


Would this theme component suffice?


That looks close to what I want and would work for Steam at least. The only thing is Discord doesn’t have links to a profile, so it’d need to show their username. I might give that a try and see if I can get something close to what I want. I think I might need to add a custom user field that’s not editable and fill it in with information when they associate the account.

Edit: it looks like that might have Discord support, I’ll have to test it! Thank you so much!

Edit 2: So, it looks like that will work, but it doesn’t automatically populate those fields from when the user associates their social accounts. My main thing is I don’t want users impersonating other users, so I’d like them to be set once they login with said accounts. I’ve reached out to the author of that addon to see what they have to say but I’ll keep this open if anyone else knows of a good way to do this.