Add 'Start a topic' composer area to topic lists to encourage frictionless topic creation

I think this is drifting away from the feature request under discussion.

As has been mentioned further up, a big reply/create area would indeed reduce friction and encourage more replies/topics - however, this may not be something we would want to encourage across all of our sites as we think that a little bit of extra friction encourages people to put more thought into their contributions before posting. It’s not just more topics we want, but more quality topics.

But if this is something you’ve identified as useful for your community then I see no issue with you wanting it. :+1: As it stands, I don’t think there are plans to add this to the road map as a core feature, but I think it would make an interesting customisation, and I’d be very interested to see the impact if you get it up and running.


perhaps a topic title change should be considered to more accurately describe the feature request.

IMHO posting IS easy already.


This doesn’t seem correct for Reddit or LinkedIn, for example.
Yet, OP show they have this functionality.
This was his point: It seems to be pretty common accross platforms.

You are probably correct.
I assume OP’s idea was to make it even easier

Statistically, I assume this should work. You will generate a bit more posts by making it the easiest you can. Even if your community works fine without this. Even if you may find it a bit outrageous to go that extra mile to make it even easier than it already is.

You can think about the optimizations of shopping carts. Doing “1-click” purchases, for example.
You usually see an increase of a certain %. It’s just stats. Now here, you have the quality problem of enticing a little more everybody to post “anything”. Indeed.



works like a button.
This is the same as the topic creation button at discourse, only more noticeable


yes. @outofthebox - if you really must have this feature, and it seems like you do, then you can always post in marketplace to get someone to help you out and develop the component for your forum.