Can I create two new topic butons on my home page?

i want to have two Create a new Topic buttons on my community page.
is it possible ?

I want to have one button for creating a community post.
Other button to create a Idea.

Please confim.

HI @Srujan_Madderla, welcome to the Discourse Meta forum!

Discourse does not provide a way of doing this, but possibly the functionality could be added through a theme component or plugin. If you are new to Discourse, theme components allow you to add client side code to your site’s theme. Plugins can run server side code. It is generally easier to develop and install theme components than it is to install plugins.

I’m curious about the button to create an “Idea.” What is an Idea in your use case? Would it be a topic in a private category, a message sent to a group, or something else?


Need more context.

A theme-component as @simon has said would be needed.

Welcome Link Banner might work.

If community and idea are categories this url link can work

swap “” with your domain name
swap “feature” with category slug name.

The above url will start a new topic in feature.

Start Topic in Feature


Hello :wave:

Actually there is an elegant solution which makes dropdown from the new topic button. Convert the New Topic button to a have a sub menu - #7 by awesomerobot

It looks like the theme component version of this is here available: GitHub - discourse/discourse-new-topic-dropdown: Turns the New Topic button into a dropdown with a custom option added


Thank you for the response.


Very nice find!

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