Create new topic link available on topic

I feel this has come up before, but I’d like to start a discussion on whether others think this should be a community level option

We get tons of people landing from search engines on our topics. And it seems difficult to get people to visit the list of topics. If we can spur users to share something, it would really help build up our user base and get users engaged right away.

additionally, we have a number of topics about immigration that have grown a few thousand posts long and Id really like to encourage new users to post their questions directly in the forum. But i’m struggling on how to do that without have a clear call to action for a new topic on the topic page itself


When it comes to “engaging” anonymous I feel our #1 missing feature is replacing “quote” with “share” on text highlight.

I think that is what we should do first, before any other experiments.


There are definitely other topics discussing this, but it is risky. Nothing destroys a community faster than a bunch of bad, low value topics from drive by users. Individual replies of poor or low quality are easy to scroll by, but a latest or category list dominated by noise topics is substantially less so.

Think YouTube: sure it is not great when the comments on the videos are terrible, but imagine if the videos they were attached to were also terrible. That is the apocalypse!

That said, there are also several topics here that cover a customization to add new topic action more places, if you want that.


I think one of the differences in our community is that each category in itself can be considered a community. And we certainly have some that are fledgling that could benefit from some drive by topics to hopefully bring new people in and engage existing members.

if a community is very healthy, probably doesnt need the extra content. But if you’re covering a variety of topics, encouraging activity is key. We are in parallel closing categories that show too little activity. The ratio is also key, if it is just 5% of the overall content coming from new users, I dont see much harm. Thats why I suggest it could be an admin option

If someone had a good link and sample code of how they’ve implemented a new topic link on topics, can you please share? I am particularly curious to see how it looks on mobile

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