Add subcategory support to the Kanban TC

At the moment you can only specify having a Board active on categories, and not sub-categories. There doesn’t seem to be a way to enter them in the setting.

While it is possible to have a board active for all categories and subcategories, the sub-categories default modes aren’t configurable as you can’t select them either, which is extremely limiting.

It would be very useful to be able to freely use Kanban in subcats.

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This is also working now. I’m confused!

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I can’t get them to work for my subcategories. How did you configure your subcats? Using something like category/sub_category where all lowercase regardless of display case?

To answer my own question, this is covered here

and though I played with some combinations, I didn’t get the right one, which is to use the correct slug (underscore had been translated to a dash) and for category and subcategory to both be included, separately without any path in the subcat.

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