Kanban Board

:discourse2: Summary Kanban Board allows you to display and organise topics using a kanban board interface.
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:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-kanban-theme
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Install this theme component

So far, there are three modes. Categories, tags, and assignment. You can drag topics between lists to change the corresponding attributes:

Lists are ‘lazy-loaded’, so performance is reasonable, even for very large numbers of categories. You can enter fullscreen mode for even more space to organise your projects:

The default board mode will be automatically determined using these criteria:

  • If this is the top level, use categories mode
  • If this is a category, and there are sub-categories, use categories mode
  • Otherwise, use tags mode. (Lists built from ‘top tags’ list)

You can change the board mode using the filter button on the left, and configuration changes will be reflected in the URL. Users can bookmark their favorite configuration in their browser. Administrators can customize the defaults per-category in the theme settings.

The most intuitive setup is “tags”, where the tags displayed are in a tag group with “only one tag from this group” enabled.

#pr-welcome features:

  • make the lists more configurable. e.g. allow administrators to define a combination of assignment, tags, and categories in one display

  • Add support for dragging cards on mobile devices. Unfortunately they don’t support html drag and drop


Just installed this. It looks like only admins can move the cards, is there a way to change it so users can also move them, or to set the user level required to move a card?


Are you using category mode or tags mode? If it’s tags, search for ‘min trust level to tag topics’ in your forum settings.
I think there’s a similar setting for “min level allowed to recategorize topics”

You can try manually promoting a user to trust level 3, that should also give them the required permissions.



strange, i don’t see any of those, or that option when i search ‘tags’ thanks for replying.

search for “min trust” instead, it should show up


yes, that’s it thanks. although ours is set to 0:New User.

i suppose that makes sense as a user can create a tag, they just can’t edit tags of others posts which is needed when they are dragging a task to another column.

must be something else causing it. i’m going to experiment with ‘assigned’. maybe the user hadn’t assigned the card to themselves and if they did that would solve it

no, that didn’t fix it. let me turn off all other plugins and components and see if there’s a conflict

there is a setting that lets users edit other peoples contents, if it is a small community with well behaved users that should be safe to enable

i believe it requires the users to be trust level 3


that got it. i’d rather it was level 1 or 2 and higher, but unless i can edit that or create new higher trust levels i’ll just have to promote all users to level 3 for the time-being.

thanks for your help @ssvenn

Hello, here a feature request.

Is it possible to allow emoji in title? Currently it’s escaped to its code.


The board option on the top menu is missing. Here are the things I have applied

  1. Rebuild the app
  2. Checked the top menu options from settings

Here is my yml file

          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/docker_manager.git
          - git clone https://github.com/angusmcleod/discourse-knowledge-base.git
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-kanban-theme.git

Hi deadlocks! Welcome to this forum. Glad to see you here. FYI, theme components are installed via the UI, not by adding a line to the apps.yml file. So you’ll want to remove that line, rebuild, then go to admin/customize/themes using your web browser. From there the steps are pretty obvious.


Thanks for being so polite @tobiaseigen

And sorry for the dumb question :sweat_smile:


@david one of our team made those changes you suggested to the Tag mod that @artysidorenko made. Would you like to check it out?



@david are those changes enough to merge our code into your plugin?

or are there further changes needed? i hope we can get it resolved before the next codebase update puts our addition behind and requiring more work again.

Hi @ninjapenguin, thanks for the PR - I put a response on there. Unfortunately it still needs some changes before we can merge it. In particular, the issue around multiple AJAX requests needs to be resolved, otherwise clients will be rate-limited.


Hi. @david thanks for creating this theme component!

I’ve come across an issue, though. Some users when moving topics around get the following message:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

I have it on the tags mode. Here are some of the behaviors:

  • when moving with admin account it works fine
  • when moving the post with the same account that created it it works fine
  • when moving the post with a non-admin account which did not create it, the error shows up.

I think this has to do with the fact that only the original creator and moderators/admins can change tags (and consequently the board columns).

Is this expected to happen?

It’s probably just tiredness, but I could have sworn that default view changed the default view to ‘board’ for certain categories.

The description does say A list of categories where the "Board" is the default view. but I specify category stubs there and… nothing.


None of the options display categories, default modes and default view are working for me.

I’ve seen replies like this on the thread and tried to replicate, but it’s just not working

Sure! I have a number of categories that follow this settings format:
display categories: category_slug
default modes: category_slug:tags:to-do,doing,done