Add the option to change a topic to Post Voting format by admin/staff

We have added the Q&A format to our Discourse account but it is pretty hidden right now and it has been challenging to get the community to use it for their questions. Is it possible to slow admins to change a message to Q&A format after it is posted? That way we can start educating the community members about this option.

It can be similar to the option for switching topics to personal messages and vice versa. :point_down:


This would be nice but how would the answers and comments be determined. I would say what replies to each other but some times they don’t reply to a posts but a topic.

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Good point! I think that’s another level of editing that needs to be added. Just thinking loud:

  1. Admin changes the topic to Q/A format.
  2. All the current replies are changed to answers.
  3. Admin has the option to select and change the answers to comments. This is similar to how one can select the replies right now and move them to a new topic.

We are looking forward to this wonderful feature. Thank you.

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Yes, all these option will be very useful! I hope Discourse team will implement them soon.

Also looking for ways to “migrate over” existing support topics into the voting format.