Porting over existing legacy topics to voting topics

should be obsoleted by this feature. individually good, even better if you can do it en masse.

user story:

as an admin I want to be able to to convert a single existing legacy topic into a voting topic so that I can [have UI consistency throughout topics, reap more of the established benefits from this feature, compensate for not being able to holes in the existing feature, i.e. not being able to require all topics to be voting topics globally]

UI for individual:

the UI can be exactly the same as when drafting a topic, except while you’re editing one.

UI for mass:

I’m not picky. shell command is fine. settings check box is better

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Hi @Brady1 :slight_smile:

If you want these feature requests to be seriously considered for adopting into the plugin you may want to flesh them out with a more well-round description, as well as outlining the potential usecases in which they could be used. The more effort you put in at this stage the more support they can generate, and the more likely they are to be taken up as development ideas. :+1:


Closing in favour of Add the option to change a post to Post Voting format by admin/staff