Add the .svg file extension to "image files"

One Discourse forum that I use has the default setting to only allow “image files”, however .svg files say that they are “not authorized”, while .svg files are images, just vector ones instead of raster ones, that means they can be scaled without losing quality. Also, the sizes are comparable too, if not smaller, when I converted a .png to a .svg:

  • The .png file had 8190 bytes.
  • The .svg file had 4273 bytes.

So is there any reason as to why a .svg file isn’t treated as an image file?

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An admin sets the accepted file types. Svg isn’t in there by default, but it can be added from the authorized_extensions setting. If you ask your admin, they may consider it?


Problem is, the admins ignore direct messages, quoting one:

And they ignore 99.9% of the threads on the forums.

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Is there a #site-feedback category that you can make those kinds of requests in? Or maybe contact them from the email address on the forum’s /about page?

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Isn’t this a potential security risk, unless the file is sanitized?

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I’m afraid I don’t know the full answer to that, but I think discourse does some checking as part of the upload?


That’s not a problem that can be solved here. If you don’t like how the forum is run, then don’t use it or start your own.

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