Add user to staff without them being a moderator or an admin

I have a user on a Discourse site I’ve recently set up I would like to have access to the topics in the “Staff” category, but I do not want them to have neither “moderator” nor “administrator” powers on the site. It seems like the “staff” group is separate from the moderator and admin groups, but is unassignable on its own. Is there a way that I’m missing to add them to the “staff” group? (Or do I need to move the topics from the Staff category to another category where I designate my own access rights?)

This. Staff is an “automatic” group, which is defined as the union of Moderators and Admins. For what you want to do you would need to create a group, assign Moderators and Admins to it, and then add this other user.


Exactly This. :dart: