Unable to add users to any groups

Logged in as admin, there is no add user function for any groups. But I am sure there used to be. How could this become invisible?

Discourse version 2.5.0beta2.

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Have you tried safe mode? Do you have any non standard plugins?

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Let me modify that in the light of further looking. I can add members to a newly created group, but not to group ‘staff’. Which begs the question, how do I promote a user to staff status?

[I do apologize for these very basic questions, only arising though what i think is a lack of an admin guide (is there one?)]

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Yes, there’s a basic guide topic in the staff category that comes with every Discourse install. The trick is getting people to actually read it :rofl:

To add a staff member, visit the admin area of their user profile and click the “grant moderator” or “grant admin” buttons. Staff, in Discourse terminology, means you are either a moderator or admin.


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