Add users to groups on signup

Am starting a private Trademans forum. And i want to put up a poster with invite codes. not just one.
one for each group.
lets say one of the invite codes are PLUMBER2020 for Plumber’s and when signing up with that code you get put in the Plumber group. and so on.

Its possible that feature is already build in, but i cant figure it out.

feel free to change the title as its one exicly like it from earlier

You could generate a separate invite link that would add each to a specific group (and direct them specific to a topic too). You can find out more about those in Invite users to a group.

Another way could be to automatically join people to a group on signup using the Automation plugin. With that, you can set it up so selecting an option from a custom field when they create an account would auto-enrol them into a particular group.


Yes! @JammyDodger :smiley: This looks just right! Thanks a lot, i will probably ask for suggestions later on :sweat_smile: For now thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey again.
ive got some problems getting started. if someone could make a tutorial on how to set this up that be great,
Here are some screen shots on my progress. :sweat_smile:

Ah, yes. I forgot about the ‘User Custom Field Name’ quirk. :slight_smile: There’s a bit of a write up about it in this topic that you may find helpful:

Though feel free to ask more questions if that doesn’t answer everything. :+1: :slight_smile:

And, just in case it’s useful, here’s the guide for adding a User Custom Field:

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Your amazing!! Thank you :green_heart:

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For future travellers, there’s now a guide with some updated instructions on how to use this Automation :+1: