Add Wordpress users to groups automatically?


I run a membership site on Wordpress, and would like for certain member levels to automatically get added to groups on Discourse.

Is there any way to accomplish this (I’m using Paid Memberships Pro)?

If it helps, I can also set the Wordpress User Role to automatically emulate the membership level, which would disaggregate the functionality from specific membership plugins. Effectively, I would just want people to automatically get added to groups based on the Wordpress User Role.

Any ideas?



I believe that what you need to do is to have Paid Memberships Pro use API calls to maintain the user lists on Discourse. I did it once for MemberMouse (I think that was the one).


Ah, gotcha. Did you do this yourself, or did you hire someone to help you with it?

Someone hired me to help them with it. :slight_smile:

I’m doing the same thing but with wishlist member. @simon is working on the integration plugin.