Automatically add wordpress user to discourse group

I have WP-Discourse configured with Discourse and the Wordpress membership plugin “Wishlist Member” with a functioning community. Currently, we have a general group (Group: General) that all of our members are automatically added to when they register for the community. We want to change which group the new members are automatically added to, which will be a “temporary” group (Group: Onboarding) that members go into automatically when they first sign up.

I can’t seem to find how our new members are automatically added to Group: General, especially since we have multiple Discourse Groups. It seems “General” is the default for new Discourse
members OR its being pushed through as an “add to Group” request from Wishlist/WP-Discourse.

Can @simon or anyone help point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

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My guess is that your team have added some code to your WordPress site that is automatically adding users to the “General” group. There are two different ways that this could be done:

It’s also possible that your team have renamed the “trust level 0” group to “General”, but that seems unlikely.

Assuming that users are currently being added to the “General” group with code that’s been added to your WordPress site, you need to find the code that is causing that to happen, then edit the code to change “General” to “Onboarding”.


Thanks so much as always @simon - I’ll share this to our tech team should they have additional questions to proceed with adding new members to a specific discourse group upon registration

This was it! The code was in functions.php. Forgot about that! :pray:


We’re now able to update our new members to be assigned to a specific group in Discourse. Thanks so much as always @simon

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