Adding a call-to-action for donations with our Patreon plugin


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Reading this was quite inspiring:

In short, The Guardian has found a very effective way to onboard regular supporters; enough to fund a global news organisation.

It just so happens we have a very similar feature in Discourse already: Signup call-to-action when you read for a while.

This however is intended for anonymous users. What I want is a very similar call to action made for our Patreon plugin. Here’s what The Guardian’s prompt looks like:

Rough outline

  • After X topics, show donation-prompt (probably very similar to how the Guest Gate plugin works except we’re not trying to gate content)
  • Donation prompt should have a very general message that works well with most Patreon projects (I’ll help with this). Text can be edited through Customize Text Content so a dedicated editor can be left out as a stretch-goal.
  • Should probably be graduated to a stand-alone plugin eventually to accommodate multiple donation gateways, but bundling it with the Patreon plugin for starters will enable easy distribution.