Adding a call-to-action for donations with our Patreon plugin

Reading this was quite inspiring:

In short, The Guardian has found a very effective way to onboard regular supporters; enough to fund a global news organisation.

It just so happens we have a very similar feature in Discourse already: Signup call-to-action when you read for a while.

This however is intended for anonymous users. What I want is a very similar call to action made for our Patreon plugin. Here’s what The Guardian’s prompt looks like:

Rough outline

  • After X topics, show donation-prompt (probably very similar to how the Guest Gate plugin works except we’re not trying to gate content)
  • Donation prompt should have a very general message that works well with most Patreon projects (I’ll help with this). Text can be edited through Customize Text Content so a dedicated editor can be left out as a stretch-goal.
  • Should probably be graduated to a stand-alone plugin eventually to accommodate multiple donation gateways, but bundling it with the Patreon plugin for starters will enable easy distribution.

Looks like we have an update on this!


How can I use donation prompt, @codinghorror?

The pull request is still opened and not merged, so at the moment you can’t use the donation prompt


@Dax thank you for your infornations.

The PR is now merged, to apply it to your site you will need to update it.


@Dax: It’s working right now.

Thank you!

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