Adding an 'edit reason' to a post then clicking category dropdown causes page to go blank

Adding an edit reason to a post and then clicking the category dropdown menu causes the page to go blank. The error in the console is Uncaught Error: infinite rendering invalidation detected.

Tested on Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94 and Safari



ember:19818 Error: Assertion Failed: calling set on destroyed object: <(unknown mixin):ember1760>.presenceUsers = 
    at assert (ember:8031)
    at Object.assert (ember:8244)
    at Object.set (ember:24240)
    at Class.set (ember:37110)
    at Class.eval (javascripts/discourse/components/composer-presence-display:152)
    at fn (ember:2766)
    at invokeWithOnError (ember:2197)
    at Queue.flush (ember:2256)
    at DeferredActionQueues.flush (ember:2380)
    at Backburner.end (ember:2450)

I can investigate more, but do you think it’s related to your today’s change ? I imagine some hijack request is returning after an object has been destroyed.

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very likely, getting late here, when it runs the expire it needs to check if the object is destroyed, I can look first thing tomorrow.

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Hmm, well this should at least fix it that backtrace:

not sure if it fixes the other issue here.