Adding Custom Licensing to Posts via User Fields

I would like to have the users of my platform to pick under which creative commons license they would like to submit their posts. They can pick a license type from a user field from their profile settings:

However, I would like to display the license icon in each post they submit:


I don’t think there is a plugin outlet that enables us to edit posts like this. I don’t want to add an automatic preamble in the post body since users are able to delete it afterwards.

Ideally, it would be better to have an option to override this while creating a topic or post (in case they want to use a different license from their default one in their profile).

Is it possible to accomplish this feature with the current plugin/component features that discourse provide?

I think that you’re right and a plugin outlet there seems like a good idea. My guess (though it’s not me who decides) is that a PR with such a plugin outlet would be accepted. That seems like a fine feature request.

Having to select a license on every post is a significant barrier to posting and is rather noisy and will require a custom plugin, but I think your request is just for the plugin outlet.

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Yes, ideally this will be a “pick once from your profile” setting and “you can change it for occasional posts when necessary” kind of feature. But it is a specific use case and my initial question is about the plugin outlet as you suggested.

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I worked on a plugin recently where adding a link to every post was what they wanted and I thought it odd that there was no plugin outlet there. If you know how to do it, then you might go ahead and submit a PR. They mostly accept those as they don’t cost anything.

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