Cannot find a plugin I know I have seen ... allows users to update user fields in a post

I feel stupid, but I have spent the last hour looking for a plugin I know I have seen in the past, but I cannot remember it’s name. It allowed users to update user fields without going to settings / profile, but to do it directly in a post.

Do you know which one I mean? Sorry. :see_no_evil:


It’s not a plugin as you can see but I cannot for the life of me recall seeing a plugin that does that. I’ll stand corrected if someone does find it.

Then I also get to feel silly :laughing:

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Thanks for the reply, but no, this is not that one. :slight_smile: This was specifically to update the user custom fields. But this is going to be interesting if we find it. I have given up for today.:see_no_evil:

Woho! Found it


Thats a nifty theme component! Bookmarked as it may come in handy :smiley: