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I’m looking to add a link to my blog to the home page of my main site, which is Discourse-based. I currently have the standard set up - Latest, New, Unread, Top, Categories - along the top, and would like to have the Blog link right next to Categories if possible.

Beyond HTML, I have little-to-no coding knowledge, so any previous explanations on doing this have gone right over my head. I had my Discourse installation done by my host, but I know my way around the settings etc. I’m looking for the most basic way to do this, as I am no coder!

Thanks again for reading!

Update: I did it! This thread here had code that worked: Add button to top menu

The code that worked:

Hope this can help someone else out there! Thanks again!

How to add header menu links isn’t exactlyy what you’re asking for, but it may solve your problem.


Thank you for this link! I was able to get it working, but like you said, it’s still not exactly what I’m after. I do at least have a blog link now, it’s just on the header. If I can get it to move to the link area, that would be great.

This is a start! Thank you!

When you say “link area”, do you mean where Latest, Top, New, Unread, etc are?

If so, something like this should work (be sure to updated the I18n line):


Thank you! That’s exactly what I was trying to do, and I managed to make it work! Hopefully this code can help others!


I am getting an error that this linked solution is dead or private. Where may I find it?

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The topic I linked to is out of date. Check out Custom top navigation links or Custom Header Links for current solutions.

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