Categories in "top menu"?

I’ve already read some topics about custom links, and I understood that discourse does not allow such thing. BUT, how could “this site” (here) have got these links? (look this screen)


Could someone tell me how to add that to my site, please?

Check here:

(have not used this myself, assuming it still works - bookmarked it for future use :slight_smile: )


Those are category links. To achieve this, in the topmenu settings, put ‘category/CategoryName’.


@tomwrench, thats works BUT redirect to “category name”.
Not with the custom link like:

The link @Yuun posted works, just teste here with order=likes.

See also the topic on your site entitled “READ ME FIRST: Admin Quickstart Guide” way down under “customize logos and colors.” If I understand correctly that’s what you’re looking for and the link above is more complicated than you need it to be.

The “quick start” way works, but could probably benefit with a little styling.

The “best way” code works well

And there are two plugin-outlets that could come in handy.

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Nice try, but here in Discourse someone from staff could tell me how they put that links? I don’t think that is plugins :frowning:

Not a plugin.

The post linked to in the first reply is a post made by a Discourse Team member.

What is it about that post you don’t understand?

You know the URLs that you want to link to, right? You just want to add those links to the top of your page? I’m pretty sure that this is what you’re looking for. Go to admin/settings/customize/css and put in the links you want. Below is an example.

From: “read me first: quick admin guide” on your site (it requires admin access, so I can’t link to it here)


He doesn’t want an additional header, he wants custom links integrated into Discourse’s internal nav menu, e.g. how there is a “Bugs” nav item on meta that links to the Bugs category’s open topics sorted by likes.

AFAIK the only way to accomplish this is with the javascript in the link I posted in my reply above, all that’s required is a little editing to swap in the correct links, then paste it into <body> in admin/customize. Not sure what the confusion is all about.

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Oops. My bad. I read too fast. I knew that I had customized the top menu and hadn’t remembered that I’d used only stock items (e.g., bookmarks, my posts) there. Me culpa.

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That’s correct :thumbsup: :exclamation:

All right, so that JS code is what discourse uses here (now) ?


I can;t say for certain as I’m not an Admin here.

But it looks like “Bugs” and “Features” are being added that way.

Why don’t you try doing it and see for yourself first-hand ?

Is this still supposed to work? I can’t seem to get it to work:

At the same time, I still have it working on another forum where I added a link to the help category to the top menu last year and it still displayed there, and when I search site settings for help, the top menu settings come up, indicating that help is still there somehow, but it’s not displayed:

It was changed here:


I’m not sure I entirely understand the changes

I can’t find that site setting. Is it only in the site site_settings.yml?

If defauklt is true (and I haven’t changed it), shouldn’t it still be working?

You can use this theme to add custom links to the top menu:


It seems doesn’t work now.

If you need categories in the top menu you would use @Johani’s

The post above the post you posted :flushed: