Adding multiple categories to a topic

I love Discourse, every time I head in to evaluate it as a replacement for the discussion forums we’ve developed and are still actively using (a fork of the old Allaire Forums) I’m constantly impressed with great features and slick coding going on.

However, I work in a multi-disciplinary environment, where collaboration between and across disciplines is necessary to forge radical innovation, that grey area between the ivory towers where no-one otherwise goes. Within our forums, our threads have a one-to-many relationship with the forums, and we’ve enabled a feature where you can post a thread into up to three forums so long as you’re subscribed to them.

That’s how we’ve done it. What’s best practice around doing this in Discourse? I’m posting this message to test what happens if I tag my post with additional categories like #support #howto … will it work? I think it might… :discourse:

Appears this post isn’t appearing in the Support category. I see there’s a post here:

…that suggests just using tags might work. Can I subscribe to a tag in the same way as a category? I’ll just try adding one that’s not currently a Meta category… #structural

Topics can have multiple tags and they are what you want.

However tags here on meta are just for regular members, but you can lower this on your instance.

There just added two tags for this topic.


No, you can only add multiple tags. Multiple categories is not supported.


Categories vs. tags will benefit from tagging – thanks – then feel free to delete this post …