Adding non-Patreon patrons to Patron group

I’ve recently set up Patreon and Discourse - even though I have very limited technical knowledge, the plugin to link them seems to be working great… Thanks.

At the same time, I’ve some people who want to support my work but don’t want to give via Patreon (for various reasons - not least Patreon charges 20% VAT) - and who are donating by PayPal, bank transfer, even by cheque :slight_smile:

On the Discourse Forum I’d like to recognise these people as Patrons, give them the same patron symbol, and enable them to get the same privileges that my Patreon patrons get. But, of course, if I add someone manually to the Patreon group in Discourse, they are removed if they are not giving via Patreon.

Is there a way, in Discourse, that I can give my nonPatreon patrons the same privileges and badge as my Patreon patrons?

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Since you can not add non-patron members to the patreon group, you can create another patreon group using another name such as “other-patrons” (or “supporters”, benefactors" etc …). Configure this group with the same privileges you have given to patreon group and add members manually (or allow users to request participation in the group).

You can automatically assign a badge to that group, see


Thank you so much fo that solution. I’m trying it now - got the new group set up fine (I think), just need to work out how to do the badges - my project for this evening!

If you have private categories for your patrons be sure to remember to add the new group to those categories (tab Security)