Patreon plugin is not adding free patreon members to group

Hello there! I’m trying to configure the Patreon plugin and I’ve run into a roadblock that I can’t figure out.


I have a site hosted under the creator hosting plan. I have set up the Patreon plugin following these steps:

After completing those steps and hitting the “Update Patrons & Sync Groups” button, the Patreon plugin has my Patreon tiers and I am able to create a rule to add Patrons to the patron group:

The problem, as best as I can explain it.

I currently have two test users who are free members on my Patreon. Their Patreon accounts are linked to their accounts on my Discourse site.

The problem is that these two users are not being added to the “patron” group as I would expect, even when I click “Update Patrons & Sync Groups”.

What I’ve tried to fix it.

I tried repeating the steps listed here:

I’ve tried creating another group for the plugin to add Patrons to.

I’ve tried having one of the test users disconnect their Patreon account from their forum account, un-member themselves on Patreon, then re-member on Patreon and re-connect their Patreon account to their forum account.

I’ve tried waiting a few hours for cached values to catch up.

I’ve tried turning the Patreon plugin off and back on :wink: (seriously though! I did!)

Now I’m out of ideas, so I’m trying the support forum! Thank you in advance for taking the time to give me a hand!


PS: If you’re someone who likes the things I make and have somehow stumbled across this post, don’t worry! I’m not putting in any paywalls. The free Patreon tier is going to get everything!


Update to the things I’ve tried:

Yesterday I tried deleting the Client (and API keys) on Patreon’s side and disabling the Patreon plugin on the Discourse site. Then I followed the instructions to set up the Patreon plugin from scratch but still ran into the same problem. The plugin in Discourse does note my Patreon tiers (so it’s getting some data from Patreon!) but it does not add the two test users to the patrons group so that they can get their Patreon access.


Hey @a_lilian! Just to provide the update here for others to see:

The free memberships on Patreon isn’t an actual tier, it’s just following the account for any public updates. Because of this, users won’t be added to the Discourse group until they purchase a paid tier subscription. Here is a bit of information on the change from Follow to Free memberships and the benefits they get:


Got it! So if I understand correctly, the Discourse Patreon plugin is not currently able to add free Patreon members to Discourse groups.

Patreon does allow me to list free members as a labeled column in its audience manager and I can export a CSV showing this as a tier too:


I don’t know what kind of data the Patreon API returns on calls against it but I do wonder if this is a solvable problem. But anyways that veers into bug report/feature request territory and my original question has a clear answer now, so I’m going to mark this topic solved and change the title to something easier to search for!

Edit: Ah shucks, I don’t think I’m a high enough trust level to edit my title right now. I was going to go with Patreon plugin is not adding free patreon members to group if the fancy strikes anyone to do that :wink:

Thanks for the help, @jessii !

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Generally, users can’t edit their own titles, only pick from the available ones from groups they’re in/badges they have. Staff however, can set anyone’s titles to anything. Is that different on a forum that you’re on?

I believe it was about changing the topic’s title rather than using it as a user title.

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