Patreon invite button?


I installed Discourse Patreon Integration plugin it is working fine.

But there is no badge for Patreon created yet and I cant seem to find the invite button which is mentioned on the Discourse Patreon Integration plugin post I want to invite Patreon members to the forum who are not registered on the forum yet how to do it?

Was a Patron group automatically created for you when you enabled the plugin, or is that also missing?

Have you enabled the patreon login enabled site setting?

No there was no group. I manually created it.

Yup, that’s enable.

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This happened to me once in the past. A Patron group is supposed to be automatically created when the plugin is enabled. I will try to track down the cause of the issue.

I think I misread your question when I replied to it last week. When the patreon login enabled site setting is enable, an option to login or signup via Patreon will be added to the site’s login and signup forms. Let us know if you are not finding those options.

For the case of inviting new users to your forum, just send the users a regular Discourse invite from your user’s Invites page:

An invitation to join the forum will be sent to the email address you enter into the form.