Adding Quote Button To Actions Menu?

Would it be possible to create a button beside the reply button that actually quotes the user’s post? I know you can quote their post by highlighting it and clicking the quote button, but it would be nice if I could simply press a single button that would then quote the full post.

I’ve tried looking through the front-end api, but don’t quite see a way to do this as I’m still new to Discourse.

Quoting the entire message is not desired for the sake of avoiding noise. And neither is it required because when you reply to a post, your reply is linked to that post, so it’s evident what you’re replying to (with one exception: with the default settings, a reply to post directly above is indistinguishable from a reply to topic).

I highly recommend using the quote button to selectively quote exactly what you are reacting to. This is one of the key features of discourse that distinguishes it from other forum softwares! The only problem I see with it is that once you got used to it you have to endure physical pain whenever you have to use another forum software that forces you to quote everything (or doesn’t allow quoting at all).


I completely understand the reason this isn’t a default feature but I also feel that, as a customer, I shouldn’t be limited by what others view as right or wrong.

It’s not visibly evident though, if there was a way to tell that you’re replying to a specific post by looking at it, then that could be another option instead of having a quote button as I mentioned in the OP.

Turning off suppress reply directly above in site settings should do the trick.

Or maybe not? The thing is: with that setting turned off, the post being replied to is either linked at the top of the post or it’s simply the one right above.


Ah okay, that works. Still not how I’d like it, but the data is there so I can just style it accordingly. Thanks!

There is already a full quote button, click the first (leftmost) toolbar button in the editor. Try it yourself and see if you don’t believe me.


Ohhh, didn’t realize this. Would it be possible to move that functionality to a new spot beside the reply button that says “Quote” and uses the same icon? :thinking:

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No, that’s not possible.