Can 'Reply to post' button display quote of original post?

I’m sure this has been asked a million times and I have searched for it…but was wondering if I click the reply to post button I can see who I’m replying to, but not the content of the post.

Is there any way of making the default behaviour of this button to quote the full message the user is replying to instead of just displaying the avatar?

Why would you need this?

  • press the quote toolbar button in the editor (it’s the first button in the toolbar) to issue a full quote

  • select the text of the post you wish to quote, then press any reply button (or the quote button that pops up), and that will be quoted

Full quotes should generally be avoided as a rule, since they duplicate huge chunks of the conversation.


I understand the intention of the quote functionality, but in my forum the users don’t generally make long replies, it’s more like short-form IM conversations of a line or so so there is no danger of huge chunks of the conversation being repeated. They’ve caught on pretty quick to the ‘select to quote’ functionality when replying to longer text.

From feedback I think their expectation is that clicking the reply button displays the entire post. Is it possible to somehow implement this for my forum?

Just click or tap the toolbar button, as previously indicated. It’s the first one.

Rather, is there a way to change the reply button behave like the ‘Quote whole post’ button? As that’s my users’ expectation.

Not that I know of, no.