How do I quote reply when appearance of "quote reply" button on text selection is turned off?

Inserting the quote of selected text as a reply is a useful feature, but appearance of the button typically used for this is annoying for selection readers, so one can opt-out it in preferences.

But how do I use “quote reply” feature without this button? Pressing “Reply” button at the bottom of the post opens empty reply without a quote. Clicking “Blockquote (Ctrl+Shift+9)” on toolbar does nothing.

I think “Blockquote” should mean “Quote reply” (i.e. insert quotation based on selected text above) when no text in the text area is selected.

Have you not tried the leftmost “speech balloon” icon?


Thanks, I haven’t noticed it. It requires to manually remove the excessive test and editing out full: true (what is it for BTW? for expand/collapse) although.

Still I feel that should be some way to properly quote reply having the button floating every time. Maybe the floating button can be shown only when replying form at the bottom is open or “Post draft in progress. Select to resume” mode, but when I just read threads?

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Press literally any reply button after selecting some text.

I’ve tried that (also expecting quoting text to be inserted), but nothing happened (on

Here it hovewer does indeed work as “Quote Reply”. Is it some new Discourse feature that didn’t get to Rust forums yet?

After disabling the popup “Quote Reply” button here (on the usual “Reply” button also stopped having the effect of “Quote Reply”.

Works fine for me here. I think if you enable that “I like to randomly select text because I am insane” user preference, it disables all forms of select replying.

I think the “Enable quote reply for highlighted text” setting should only affect the annoying button, not the behaviour of usual fixed “Reply” button.

The setting may be re-titled like “Enable quote reply button on text selection”.

What about using some browser extension to display: none the button? Then you leave the setting at default?

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Nope, this was specifically requested by the insane select everything crowd. It was discussed for days. Not going to discuss it for more days.

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(I sometimes “select” things using pencil even when reading from paper)

Has this option basically appeared “under pressure” and was implemented not by somebody who is a “selection reader” themself? No wonder the effect is so crude…

Can it be done using GreaseMonkey and for all Discourse instances?

Maybe there is already snippet available?

.quote-button.visible {
    display: none;

Installed Stylish, inserted this into new userstyle, re-enabled quote posting, problem solved. Thanks.


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