Adding topic-list-after-title outlet to the mobile template

In the events plugin, we currently override the mobile template. I’m very appreciative of the recent outlet additions to the mobile template which already make things a lot better. Just wondering whether we can have topic-list-after-title also on mobile so we can simply get rid of our override? This outlet is already available on desktop btw.

I’m happy to make a PR for this if the request makes sense.


Sure, I think that sounds reasonable - I can’t think of any reason to have it on missing on mobile.

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Is this the right place to add it? Just confirming.

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:+1: that seems to line up nicely with the desktop template

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Here’s the PR for this. DEV: Added topic-list-after-title outlet in the mobile template by fzngagan · Pull Request #10059 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


@david thanks for the merge.


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