Add "plugin-outlet" to discovery.hbs

There is a small suggestion.

Suggestion: add “plugin-outlet” above this line.

At the moment I see various attempts to use what I want to offer a little differently.

For example:

Where used:

Or in other components, plugins simply override the file.


But how much need to replace the entire file? If we add one line to the file discovery.hbs, then we can solve many questions at once more easier.

  1. We will not override the entire file.
  2. We will not be completely dependent on the design of the tape itself, because it can be changed using components. ({{outlet "header-list-container"}})
  3. We can do everything more dynamically
  4. I do not see any negative point in this.

Everything that is in this file:


Mean a bit more global change.

I wonder what you think about this question?