Additional boxes when creating new topic

I have two basic questions. I think that both of them could be solved with proper plugins but I could not find them.

I was wondering if there is a way or special plugin in order to extend the information section while creating a new topic. For now, we can only add title and the Tag. What if user wants to add more information.
For example, consider a forum about “computer science”. One of the categories is about the theory of CS and users can ask their questions there. They could ask questions from specific books so it could be useful to add additional boxes - The first one asks the user if the question is from a specific book, and if so, then second box appears and asks the name of the book (from a list of books), the page number and the questions number. The reason I would like to have this plugin is in order to make it easier to search for data. The search engine could have additional boxes - book name, page and questions numbers. With those fields, users would find their desired questions and there would be less repeated questions.

My second question is about inserting LaTeX formula in the title and allow to search it. I saw a previous thread about it, but without any actual answer. Is it possible? Also, I didn’t see any examples of communities which use the Math/Latex Plugin (I see that this community does not use it). Could someone add a link to some forum which uses it? I would like to see a real live example (not just from images).

Thank you for answering my question.

This is incorrect, you can specify title, body, tag, and category. There can be a large number of tags as well.

Your 1st question will definitely require a custom plugin (and is more work than you think).

Your 2nd question is better asked in the topic about the Math/Latex plugin :wink:

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