Adjust the post-voting button to the bottom

:information_source: Summary Adjust the post-voting button to the bottom
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Install this theme component

As shown in the figure, this theme component has only one function: adjust the post-voting button to the bottom.


Thank you, this is a great theme-component, it makes my mobile interface look much cleaner.

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Thank you for this module, it is very necessary for mobile. However, when I click on the sorting section, its shape is distorted. What can be done about it?

I encountered this problem early in the release, and suffered from no way to reproduce it stably. I tried the method you gave, but failed to reproduce.

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Only problem is mobile, desktop version is fine.

You can test it here. Maybe it’s because of a plugin I’m using.

Thank you for your help. I pushed a fix, it should work.

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it works great, thanks for the support so fast.