Adjusting the size and alignment of text in my post


I am looking for a way to increase the size of certain text in my post and I cant find it so far. Is there only one size possible for text?

Or how should i be able to edit this. Its my own forum btw i am the admin not sure if that matters.

Thanks in advance.


You might check out Discourse BBCode. You can then use BBCode [size=xxx] tags.

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Without any plugins you can also use HTML big and small to resize text.
Without any plugins you can also use HTML <big>big</big> and <small>small</small> to resize text.


Discourse also uses Markdown, you can find some reference and a tutorial explaining what you can do here:

The most common need for larger text is headings, which you can create like this:

# Heading 1 
## Heading 2
### Heading 3

The above would output:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3


Thanks for all feedback! the # worked pretty easily

One more question.

Is it also possible to align my text or heading in the middle? It is now always on the left side but i would like to have this in the middle.

Thanks again!