Admin ability to impersonate other admin differs between admins

Some admins on my site can impersonate other admins, while some cannot.
So there would appear to be admins vs super admins?

As far as I can grok, the difference correspsonds to how the particular admin was created.
Or at least whether the admin’s email is listed in app.yml under DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS.

Those admins listed under "DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS" CAN impersonate other admins, while those admins NOT listed there cannot.

So is there actually some kind of “super admin” or rather a “super-developer-admin” role?

I did try to search for this issue but did not find an answer.
Sorry if my search was not thorough enough.

Thank you in advance and kind regards, Jakob.

An admin user, who also has the status of a developer, has some additional abilities. Not only can they impersonate other admins, but their admin status cannot be removed via the user interface.


Thanks for the response.

Can I remove another admin from the DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS without causing problems for them?
Or will it cause login-problems or such?

It is really only appropriate that I am developer.

There is a visible difference between admins and superadmins on their “user-page”:
The “superAdmins” looks like the first image.
While the “ordinary” admins look like the second image.

This was not entirely exact.
There are differences, but it does not correspond exactly …

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