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If a firm preferred to pay for multiple users’ subscriptions at once (probably by bank transfer) is there any way for me as forum administrator to start subscriptions for users?

I guess it would be possible to impersonate the user and apply a secret “100% off” coupon while “paying” for a non-recurring subscription with my own credit card. Would there be any potential pitfalls there?

Are there any other ways? Thanks.

I think it nice be possible at the rails console to add that subside/subscription ID to all of those users. I would need to look at the source carefully to figure that out.

But the thing to do would is probably to just create a group for those users by hand and manage it manually and not use the plugin.

Are you expecting many firms to do this?

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I would not allow this for recurring payments, so I guess the answer depends on whether I make one-off payments sufficiently more expensive :slight_smile:

I don’t think that the plugin will he’ll with this use case.

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Just “sell” them the coupon codes and let your client firm handle the subscriptions.
It will also free you of a user management burden.

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I think the coupon codes can be redeemed multiple times and there is no way to set a maximum number of redemptions. So it might be problematic to try to sell coupons for, say, exactly 10 subscribers.

I think this is the answer, but now that I know that a one-off payment is for perpetual membership of the group I realise that the question is not something I needed to ask in the first place. For some reason I had thought that group membership after a one-off payment would expire after a year when sold alongside an annual subscription, but obviously that’s not how it works :slight_smile:

Last I looked, even with free coupon a credit card was required.

You could make it a one year subscription and cancel it immediately. But unless you’re going to get a bunch of these memberships for big fish, you’ve spent more time on talking about this than it’ll take to manage it by hand. (I often spend hours automating a one time 10 minute job. :wink:)

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Things should be automated at all costs!!

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