Gifting discourse subscriptions

Is there anyway to make it so you can purchase a subscription for another user? Basically like gifting someone a subscription. And if there is no built-in way to do this, is there a simple solution to do it like changing to code yourself?


Can you just purchase the sundeck and make the other user an admin?

I have no idea what that means, but I’ll make myself more clear. is there a way to make it so when 1 user purchases a subscription, they have the ability to give the other user it. 1 guy buys the subscription another guy gets access to the group

I don’t know the code of the plugin, but I know in detail what it does to my Stripe system…

If userA buys a subscription, it creates a Stripe customer and a recurring Stripe subscription. Back in Discourse, they are then “activated” (my word, not Discourse’s) by having the Stripe subscription ID associated with their account. If userA wanted to “give” a subscription… I don’t see how that would work in Stripe’s system. The customer (from Stripe’s point-of-view) is personA. Stripe has personA’s payment information on file. Stripe sends notifications to personA.

Now, my Q for the Discourse team is:

Maybe something with coupons?? So we’d sell userA, a one-time product for some amount of money. Then userA can pass that coupon code to userB. That way userB still has to create their subscription (in Discourse’s interface, passing their payment information along so Stripe sets up their Customer info and their Subscription.) BUT, they also enter a coupon code which allow charging them less (ideally zero if the discourse-admin sets up the products/subscriptions correctly.)

Hope I’m not mudding the waters here . . .

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Yes! I was trying to figure something out with coupons, like instead of buying access to a group you buy a 1 time use coupon which the other person could use to receive the product for “free”. I’d love to see this.


Ya I think it would have to be through coupons. I think it is a good idea and can be a good way to even invite someone to the site who isn’t a member yet.


We are using that system internally by invitations.

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