Admin gets 502 error on show email button

For some reason one of my admins is getting a 502 Bad Gateway when trying to “show” the email on a users profile. Are there some steps he can do to fix this?

If you’re up-to-date, this is a local problem, most likely with a 3rd party plugin if it’s just when trying to access email addresses.

You don’t get a 502 on any other pages (which could be a larger server problem like disk space)


Yeah I’ll check to see if we’re totally up to date and report back. Thank you :slight_smile:

So another Admin cannot show emails. It may be of note that they are using the same network connection and I am in a different state (I’m the only one that can access the emails with no trouble). The page just refreshes whenever they try to show the email.

Do they have browser extensions installed that might cause the problem? Have them look at the developer console and see if it provides clues.