Error: Bad Gateway 502 when trying to send invitations

I’ve wanted to send Discourse-invitations to my team, but I just receive Error-Warnings. (Bad Gateway 502)
I’ve already looked into the log-section of the forum, but there is no message shown up. I also read, that sometimes it has to do with storage space, but our forum isn’t self-hosted.
What could it be then? Thanks for helping!

Likely related to this:


Oh…ok I see! Thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately, I am still not able to invite people to my forum since 4 hours.:thinking:
It makes no difference if I import them via CSV (there it says “INVALID EMAIL”) or if I want to send someone an invitation via mail. I tried to set the domains on the whitelist, but this also did not helped.
Is there any news about bigger server problems

, or what could it be? :upside_down_face:

Are you a customer of ours? Unfortunately I can’t find a customer record belonging to your email address. If you are our customer, please send a message to Discourse team - Discourse Meta or email us at and mention the domain name of your forum. We will look into it.


Thanks for your response! Yes, we are a customer. I will send an email to the team.