Admin metrics export as CSV

(Michael Downey) #1

It’d be nice to export the detailed metrics from the admin section as a .CSV file for data crunching. (i.e., table | bar chart | CSV)

(Mittineague) #2

Isn’t that what the Admin export files (users, screened IPs, etc.) are now, CSV files?

(Michael Downey) #3

All I see is an HTML table. Am I missing something?

(Neil Lalonde) #4

I assume you mean exporting the individual metrics, like new signups (/admin/reports/signups)? Yeah it makes sense to be able to export that as a CSV file.

(Michael Downey) #5

That’s right. They are good community health metrics and are generally nice to share publicly for those communities who like to share such things.

(Alessio Fattorini) #6

Another aspect to take in count is the comparison between those exports, compare last month posts or logged in with current month could be useful to measure the growth of the community

(Michael Downey) #7

Tip: If you hover over the green or red up/down arrows, you’ll get data on the +/- N% over the last period. I suppose that is useful for the export too, but …

Basically, that’s exactly what I would hope to do … since the summary data only shows last N (7, 30) days, it would be nice to have a month-by-month summary to plot changes over time aggregated by month (in my case).

(Neil Lalonde) #8

I added this to the reports with an export button to be consistent with other csv exports:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #9