Display and export contributions statistics over time


I’m a bit surprise to not find any topic on meta discourse related to this feature, I am the only one who would like to have the contribution data over time ? I mean the number of post, topics, users since the creation of the forum.

A first need would be to export in a CSV file the history of the dashboard data so we can plot value and see if and how the community is growing.
A second need, would be to directly embed such feature in the dashboard so we can easily see the evolution of contribution.

Does it make sense ? Did I miss something ?


Of course as you mention some of this is already available at https://discourse.example.com/admin, e.g., users, topics, posts, likes, flags, bookmarks, stars, emails sent, user visits, PM’s … in periods of today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, and total.

Extracting that data might be useful.

Are there other specific metrics that you think would be useful to include?

These ones are enough for a big part of the stats.

Yet it could be useful to have some other data such as identifying the number of “active” users, meaning the one who daily read the forum. Maybe also the ghost users i.e. the ones who come daily but are not registered.

There are certainly plenty other useful metrics, yet the first need is to see the evolution of those metrics :slight_smile:

I too would love to have this functionality. I was talking with @eviltrout about this earlier today. The Admin console stats are pretty close, but it’s not possible to time-shift, so to speak.

In my case, what I think would be useful is to:

  • For all categories and by category,
  • For a named period of time, list the number of new topics
  • For a named period of time, list the number of new posts (meaning both new topics and replies)
  • For a named period of time, list the number of new user registrations
  • Be able to compare any of the named periods above to a different named period of time

I could see where this could be made pretty easy for common scenarios, like “last month over previous month” and “last quarter over previous quarter”, though the generic case is defining a date range.

Another thing, covered in the “Daily Active Users” topic by @BCHK, would be the ability to see number of visits to a given category. Per that topic, the recommendation is Google Analytics. I’ll post over on that topic too, as I am curious if that is the best approach currently.


I spent a little time on this today and got a little bit of this functionality in.

If you view any of the reports off the admin dashboard, say /admin/reports/signups - you can now choose a date range. The underlying JSON feed also supports them too.

I don’t have have the category stuff in yet, that’s a bit trickier.


Cool! Curious which release this should hit?

It made it into 1.1 so you should be good with that!

Thanks much @eviltrout! One thing I might ask about in addition is showing a total at the bottom. It’s not too hard to add, but since the computer has this ALU thing in it, I figure maybe it’s worth using. :wink:

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I beg pardon for my ignorance here, but is there any API that would allow extracting such statistics from a running discourse instance? Would be more than grateful for a link. Thank you!