Admin/mod ability to insert a post wherever

Sometimes a topic gets away from you, and you really want to be able to provide clarification close to the top of the page, but you’re stuck with the 9th or 10th postion.

Here’s an example of such a topic. The title had been “Buy/sell bitcoin” which has the danger of being a very common search result, so I modified the title to avoid confusing too many people.

Existing work arounds include:

  1. Hijacking a post using “change ownership”
  2. Creating a new topic, and then moving all the posts from the original topic under it.

But, the ability to simply insert a post at the second position would be my preference. One approach might be to include an “add post below” to this menu:


We’re not very keen on messing with post chronology. There are a few other ways you could solve this:

  1. The Solved plugin would let you mark your post as the answer. (would suit your needs even better with this addition)

  2. Simply edit the first post, add a **Mod Update:** heading and paste in your post there.

  3. (You probably don’t want to do this) Delete all the “me too” replies in between the first post and your reply.


On an emergency basis you could use CSS display:flex and order: n to reorder the posts.

You’d need to write a couple of CSS selectors and identify the data-post-number of the post you wish to move:

It’s messy but as one off, should do the trick.

Flex is very powerful and I am using it to reorder other aspects of Discourse threads, without needing to touch the back end.

More details here:

Edit: Not sure how this will work with large load on demand threads, because if it’s not in view, it can’t be moved by CSS.

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As @erlend_sh said solved with repeated post (the plugin repeats the post not a real duplicated post) would be my suggestion here.

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I don’t understand.

Is “repeated post” actually a plugin, or a setting I can use on the “solved” plugin?

@erlend_sh linked here:

Is the image there a mock up for a suggested improvement, or actually something currently achievable by doing X?

Sorry, no, that feature does not yet exist. The consensus was that it made sense though, so you can at least consider it planned.


I definitely support us adding this “repeat the solved reply at the top” feature to the Solved plugin. Just a question of allocating time to do it…

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Here’s an example of this functionality on the Apple Support forums:

Would be nice to soft-repeat (not baked in the post, but pulled on demand) at least a summary of the answer there, and maybe you can click to expand, like how quotes work for us.


I think something like this would be great to have, but maybe staff could “attach” a message to a specific post rather than insert a new post (like the example from apple)?

In addition, it would be great if we could use the various alert classes from bootstrap

These custom messages could then be attached and edited to any post by staff.
e.g. “Staff message: We are aware of the issue and are still working on it” or “Staff message: We don’t condone the solution described in this post, continue at your own risk” or “Staff message: This plugin is known to cause errors with the latest version” etc.


You can accomplish that with a CSS customization. Use a div align= to smuggle in a custom identifier.

For example:

div[align="mod-message" blockquote {
  background-color: lighten($primary, 60%);


<div align=mod-message>

> Hello